Warm Weather Boots for Men

There’s a high probability that boots aren’t the first thing you think of when considering summer footwear, however breathable fabrics and creative styles has now increased their popularity during the summer months.

Summer Boots For Men

Men’s chukka bootsWearing boots on a sunny day might not seem entirely logical, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying out new styles, whether it’s with jeans, shorts or formal wear. The materials are important when choosing new boots, as you need a pair which allow your feet to breathe and remain comfortable in the heat.

“If the weather is unpredictable, opt for leather uppers. When there is no rain forecast, go for suede or canvas to keep your feet cooler,” says Susannah Davda, director of The Shoe Consultant Ltd. “Avoid fabric and synthetic linings as these will not absorb your perspiration, leaving your feet feeling sweaty.”

There are a variety of different boots which are regarded as trendy this season. High on the list are chukka boots and their closely-related cousin the desert boot. Both of these styles have become a familiar sight in recent years, and now come in an array of colours and fabrics.

Men’s chukka bootsMen’s chukka boots are not only available in traditional leather and suede styles, but also in more casual fabrics such as canvas which allow them to be worn with almost any look. Other styles which are currently popular include leather ankle boots, smart high top trainers and Chelsea boots.

Timberland’s senior director of men’s casual footwear, Don DeSalvio, prefers the look of men’s chukka boots for summer. “Lightweight and deconstructed chukkas are a true warm-weather shoe and really inspire barefoot wear, which is perfect for that laidback summer look,” he says. “The casual nature of a lightweight chukka pairs perfectly with jeans and a t-shirt for a relaxed, but fashionable look. Today, you’re also just as likely to see these worn with shorts.”

Men’s chukka bootsThis change in attitude towards boots and the acceptable styles they go with has only come about in the last few years, as the trends which used to dictate what time of year particular fabrics were supposed to be worn have now been turned on their head. Today materials such as suede are seen as a legitimate summer material, leading to new clothing trends to go with them.

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