20 Of The Weirdest Shoes, Ever

Just found a group of picture from Refinery29
called ’20 Of The Weirdest Shoes, Ever’,
and I may have to agree on a lot of them.


Invisible Shoe—Mirrored plates cover this shoe and reflect
whatever surface you’re walking on. Also great for looking up skirts.

image (1)

Furry Heel Shoe—Is it just us, or do these look oddly inviting?

image (2)

Boxing Glove Shoe—For boxers who prefer to fight with their feet.

image (3)

Heel-less Converse Shoe—What Daphne Guinness might have worn in college.

image (4)

Pokemon Gameboy Platform—For the Pokemon enthusiast
who’s also into breaking their ankles.

image (5)

Elephant Dung Shoe—Not only will people be able to see you
from a mile away, they’ll be able to smell you, too.

image (6)

Finsk Aerodynamic Heel—Defy gravity in these aerodynamic
heels from Finsk.

image (7)

Gun Hoof Shoe—These shoes are supposed to be a message about the paradox
of taxidermy—that in death, an animal achieves immortality.
We say, why not give these a shot?

image (8)

Human Foot Shoe—We can’t even look at these without dying a little
on the inside.

image (9)

Flipper High Heel—Because a lady musn’t sacrifice her style,
even when she’s scuba diving.

image (10)

Translucent Hamster Stripper Boot—We can’t imagine what
horrors would happen if the sole of the shoe ever shattered. 🙁

image (11)

Leopard Stiletto—Cougars—this shoe’s for you!

image (12)

Tusk Heel—We imagine that cavewomen used to sit around the
fire and swap stories about where they got their new tusk-laden mules.

image (13)

Baby Abacus Heel—Are you a pole dancer and need to
bring your baby to work? Have we got a shoe for you!

image (14)

Dildo Shoe—Yep.

image (15)

Mole Slippers—What’s cozier than sitting in front of a fireplace
and slipping your foot into a hollowed-out mole?

image (16)

MP3 Sneaker—A soundsystem you can actually wear.
If this doesn’t get your toes ‘a twinklin’, we don’t know what else will.

image (17)

Platforms For Prostitutes—This shoe has an emergency system
that alerts the authorities as well as sets off an alarm and sends GPS
coordinates to public emergency services or sex workers’ rights groups.

image (18)

Hamburger Nike Sneaker—This is a sneaker that’d go well with a side of fries.

image (19)

Plant Wedge—Shoes you’ll want to wear out in the rain.