London Fashion Week Do’s and Don’ts

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With London Fashion Week  just around the corner we have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for this major yearly event:

Firstly, don’t wear black. You can wear black all year, you can wear black all winter but just for this one day make sure you stand out. We know black is convenient, easy and flattering but when it comes to shoes, colour is what you need to go for!
So, DO wear colour. We have a huge variety of coloured shoes in stock starting with Irregular Choice. Do take photos of your outfit but don’t overhaul your Snapchat and Instagram with thousands of photos from runway shows and celebrity sightings.

Don’t rush around and complain. We are all in the same boat as each other so whining is not going to help. Be polite and prepare. Check the show times and how long it will take you to get there. There is nothing worse than leaving your house and trying to TFL directions on the way or your UBER is taking a while to get to you.

Don’t PANIC! Remember, you are there to absorb the new upcoming fashion trends so ENJOY yourself. Consider yourself the lucky few that have been invited or made it there! So, don’t forget to talk about it. Tweet, blog and join in on the conversation. Choose a favourite look from the show and tell us. Not everyone will have the privilege of going so as envious as we may be; we all want to hear about it.

Do check the weather. Living in London, we have a trend of an unpredictable climate so don’t get caught in the rain (LOL). Do get your picture taken but don’t hang around waiting for photographers to take a photo of you.

Whatever look you are going for we have a huge selection of styles to choose from. Have fun!

Words by Florinda Ceri

The Shoreditch Christmas Market


Today will start the long-awaited Shoreditch Christmas Craft Market.

The Shoreditch Christmas Crafts Market is about fusing local creative
talent with a family friendly environment.
This exciting and magical Christmas market in the heart of creative
London brings you funky eco-chic, beautifully handmade,
locally produced unique Christmas gifts.
The Shoreditch Christmas Crafts Market aims not only to encourage
and support first time traders but also established
self starters who work with recycled materials, fair trade products,
home made and locally sourced crafts and fashions.
This market is for you if you want to buy original work by some of
the best independent designers that London has to offer.
At the Shoreditch Christmas Crafts Market you will be able to choose
from a range of local stalls selling food,
redesigned, up-cycled furniture and clothes, vintage fashions, jewellery,
arts and crafts and home ware all from brought to you with love from
the creative heart of London.

The Shoreditch Christmas Market

Red Market Gallery and Night Tales: 288-299 Old Street, EC1V 9LA

Every Friday & Saturday 12-5pm

Start Friday 5th till Saturday 20th December




Originally positioned as a Japan-only release, this New Balance MRT580 REVlite pack has been released for the
online selling. Each colorway in the three-piece collection takes cues from Japan’s native terrain, focusing on river rocks,
sand and soil as the main sources of inspiration. The uppers feature a mixture of materials, including
tonal suede, pigskin, and mesh, combined with 3M paneling and paint-speckled midsoles.
Finally, contrasting pops of bright color accent the neutral hues.







HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market


The next weekend I’ll be getting my geek on at the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!
The event will take place at Olympia in London from Friday 14th November – Sunday 16th November.

HYPER JAPAN is back for the festive season to deliver another instalment of crazy, cute and creative Japanese culture
to Olympia London in the long-awaited Christmas Market 2014. Themed around ‘unique and interesting
Christmas gifts’, the market will feature a higher proportion of shopping booths and gift experiences than in previous
HYPER JAPAN events. However, it is by no means exclusively a shopping experience – guests will be treated to a
wide variety of stage performances, martial arts and cooking demonstrations, cosplayers shows and will of course be able to wine and dine at the ever-popular food and drink stalls.









Tickets cost £12 for the Friday and Saturday sessions, and £15 for the longer Sunday session
To book tickets and for more information visit:

(Some images and most words courtesy of HYPER JAPAN)

Remember, remember the Fifth of November…


“Remember remember the 5th of November”… Is on its way which means it’s time for toffee apples, sparklers
and of course fireworks!

Bonfire night is the firework night of the year here in London, only comparable to New Years Eve.
Bonfire night is celebrated because it is associated with Guy Fawkes’ Night, which is held on November 5th,
but people tend to celebrate it on the closest weekend to the date.
Guy Fawkes’ Night began in 1605 when Guy Fawkes; a member of the Gunpowder Plot was arrested while
guarding explosives that the plotters had placed beneath the House of Lords. After this, to celebrate the fact that
King George I survived, people lit bonfires around the city of London and a few months later the date turned
into a public holiday.



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New Year celebrations