Le coq sportif: French sporting heritage


We are excited to welcome the amazing Rooster logoed brand to Scorpion Shoes. Le Coq Sportif is a renowned French company for their clothing, footwear and sports equipment.

The owner who had a passion for sport started the company in 1882. Since then, Le Coq Sportif has become a prestigious brand recognised worldwide.

We have introduced 5 new styles to our trainer collection on our online website. Think retro, iconic, classic. The new models we have in stock represent these styles.


The Quartz Vintage trainers for men are an iconic model of the 70’s. This style is the definition of blue, bold and beautiful. The trainers feature a lace-up fastening with a durable rubber sole. The combining mesh and suede material creates a very trendy retro look.

1611802_3 1611802_1

Le Coq Sportif’s Wendon style is an iconic 60’s running shoe. Straying away from the white norm trainer, the black leather material adds a modern feel to this classic shape. We love the strip of suede on the toe-front adding an element of sophistication to this beautifully designed trainer.

2016_05_04 LeCoqSportif24241

The Eclat is a key member of Le Coq Sportif’s footwear collection. The trainer which has a thick sole features the beautiful porcelain print by the Parisian designer Clementine Henrion. The trainer which has a cushioned insole is one of our favourite Women’s Le Coq Sportif styles. The colourful print is perfect for summer and a special addition to your wardrobe if you like to stand out from the crowd!


Taking inspiration from the Tennis court shoe, Le Coq Sportif’s Agate Lo has a slim style featuring a cushioned insole. The style is a reflection of today’s modern casual trainers.


LCS R9XX is a new addition to the Le Coq Sportif shoe range. The main feature on this style is the Aerotop tongue. This technology which is back in style is perfect for the breathability of the feet. We love the white colour with the brand logo on the side, giving it a slick edge.


words by Florinda Ceri

Anyone for tennis?


As the Wimbledon championships are underway we have one colour in our mind – WHITE. The tradition which has been implemented for over a century is one of the most famous dress codes in sports.

Not only is white a reflection of Wimbledon tennis but it is the grand slam colour of summer. In this post we are looking at our favourite whites.

So ace this summer season by avoiding breaking the rules and following our guide to our best white shoes in our current stock. And yes off-white and cream is off the court for our special feature.

Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Lv8

128599b 128599It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this classic Nike style. The Nike Air Force LV sports a leather upper for comfort with a woven detail across the shoe. The full length Air-Sole unit is perfect for cushioning and impact protection.

Birkenstock X Papillio Arizona Birko-Flor Platform

Birkenstock_platform_whiteThe Arizona platform is a must this summer. The popular model from the Papillio collection creates an elevated look both for fashion and comfort. Team this pair with jeans and a casual t-shirt for an everyday look.

Minnetonka 1975


Although they might be boots, the short style allows the pair to pass for an easy wear summer shoe. The fringe feature automatically gives the boots a festival feel and is a classic fit for our British weather.

Nike Roshe One


Looking the part for the gym has never been easier with the Nike Roshe One. Worn with or without socks the shoes allow the feet to breathe whilst providing a lightweight feel for easy movement.

Lacoste L.ydro 116 1

Lacoste_L_ydro_116_1_whiteAn in-between sandals and trainers, slip-ons are always the ideal shoes for summer. The Lacoste L.ydro features a cushioned insole and canvas lining. For an effortless look these slip-ons can be dressed up or dressed down.



Words by Florinda Ceri


Nike Cortez: building an icon

  nike_cortez_bwBorn with an athletic heart, the Cortez is known as the only sneaker to become a best-seller for two different shoe companies. It was originally built as a prototype from the best bits of two existing models from the Japanese company Onitsuka Tiger by Bill Bowerman, legendary Oregon track coach and jogging guru who was trying to build a light and durable running shoe. After years of designing and experimenting, Bowerman finalized the image of the Cortez in 1968 and Onitsuka Tiger found the hybrid creation an splendid idea so they commercially released the shoe for the 1968 Mexico Olympics becoming an instant hit.


On board as a technical advisor for an Oregon-based sports gear company named Blue Ribbon Sports, an official distributer of Onitsuka’s innovative shoes run by one of Bowerman’s former pupil, Phil Knight, Bowerman himself was aware of the commercial possibilities his design had. Eventually the marriage between Onitsuka and Blue Ribbon Sports soured and, whilst distributing Tiger, Knight and Bowerman started to develop their own line of sneakers called Nike, being the Cortez their first design and their most successful product. Officially released as Nike Cortez for the 1972 Munich Olympics, the demand for the shoe grew exponentially nearly immediately after the public noticed the shoe was being used by the 1972 Olympic Athletes. The sales went through the roof reaching $800,000 during its first year of commercial life and the rest is sneakers, sports and streetwear history.



Over the past 20 years the Nike Cortez has continuously been redesigned. From a running shoe it turns to be an element of urban culture with a strong visual identity and its own codes. The black and white Cortez, for example, is commonly worn by latino gangs favouring the shoe’s comfort and simple design. It also had a deep impact on contemporary hip hop and graffiti streetwear, amongst many other popular fashion trends it had been adapted to. It keeps, though, the main feature that made Bowerman’s original design a big success: thick and long-lasting herringbone rubber outer sole with a full-length midsole manufactured from dual-density foam (the first ever shoe to be released with this characteristic). The combination of these two soles reduces leg fatigue, raises the heel of the shoe to reduce Achilles tendon strains and provides maximum comfort. It’s appearance has not changed a lot though, from the original leather material turning to nylon and suede to reduce shoe’s weight leading to its final transformations so far. Despite the use of new tech fabrics the shoe has kept its iconic simple and minimalistic outer design with the Nike Swoosh across the sides of the shoe. Continuously improving to keep the shoe’s strong identity and character, the Nike Cortez is in the middle of a streetwear comeback becoming one of the on-trend vintage designs you are likely to see this summer in every festival, club or beach party.




by Marcos F Gallego

Nike Release Real Self-Lacing Trainers For Back To The Future Day

Not many films can say they have had enough influence to have their own day, but on Wednesday 21st October 2015 the world celebrated ‘Back To The Future day’, so called because it is the date which main character Marty McFly travels 30 years in the future to in the 1989 classic.

globe trainers

Nike Create Self-Lacing Trainers

Many great inventions which appeared in the film seemed impossible at the time but have since become a reality, including video calling and handheld computers. However one feature to come true which many wouldn’t have expected is self-lacing trainers.

For the special day the world famous trainer company decided to challenge their R&D team to come up with a special pair they could give to Michael J Fox, original actor of Marty, on the big day. After teasing fans on social media, Nike presented him with the first pair, which feature their patented self-lacing technology and bear a strong resemblance to the pair from the film.

globe trainers

According to Nike, the shoe-lacing mechanism is “an individually responsive system that senses the wearer’s motion to provide adaptive on-demand comfort and support. But this is just the first iteration.”

The special limited edition pair which were made for Back To The Future Day will be auctioned off next year with all the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Nike have however hinted that the shoes may just be the first pair of many to come, with self-lacing coming to more designs in the years ahead.

“By imagining the future, we create it,” reads the statement from Nike. “Product that comes alive, with on-demand comfort and support when you need, product that senses you and adapts to you is right around the corner.”

Some believe that this move my Nike could be a signal that our footwear is set be another product which will feature ‘smart’ technology in the future. This is most likely to initially be for sporting purposes, with some football boots already containing chips and sensors which can log distance covered and other useful metrics.

Extreme sports brands could also potentially start experimenting with designs which link to a skateboard or adapt themselves in order to provide the best grip and comfort. Companies such as Vans and Globe trainers may want to look for ways which can set them apart inside a competitive market; although they would have to be sure they won’t alienate their core customers.

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The Rise Of Trainers In The Fashion World

Over the last few years trainers have been having their moment in the female fashion world, after what appeared to be a brief romance turned into something much bigger. It started back in 2010, when a series of famous models began wearing trainers, including Kate Moss and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Trainers In Women’s Fashion

The growth of trends around sportswear and more casual forms of fashion have helped contribute to the rise in popularity of trainers, according to fashion data analytics company Editd. Their data shows that the trend has continued in the last two years, with demand growing from 1,203 in January 2013 to 3,003 in January 2015.

Commenting on the results, Katie Smith, senior retail analyst at Editd says: “levels of new sneakers on the UK womenswear’s footwear market first spiked in July 2013, during spring summer 2013. It was that season that Ashish put Reebok Classics on their catwalk and when Moschino Cheap and Chic included trainers in their show.”

There is a danger that wearing trainers can make you look like a teenager, however there are plenty of ways you can work them into an adult wardrobe. The most important rules are to stick to classic designs and in simple colours which work well with most of the clothes you own.

This means sticking to relatively neutral and pastel based colours, unless you have a specific outfit which requires trainers that are slightly bolder. White is often the most popular colour for women, as they are the most flexible in terms of what they can be worn with. The brands which have managed to capitalise on the rise of trainers includes Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Tommy Hilfiger, alongside sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse.

ash trainers

According to the data, more than 16,000 black trainers are currently retailing in the online women’s trainers market in the UK, making up 25% of the market. Neutral trainers make up 23% of the share, while grey accounts for 20%. There have also been a number of women’s only brands gaining popularity including Ash trainers, which are going from strength to strength.


What has surprised many fashion experts is how the trend has been led by many of the higher class stores, with a higher proportion of styles available at shops such as Selfridges when compared with high street stores such as Topshop. “It’s interesting to see the luxury retailers giving the trainer trend a higher level of backing than Topshop do,” says Smith.

Many now wonder how long the trend will last or whether it will stay around forever. According to Smith, the demand for fashionable trainers is not expected to disappear anytime soon. “Casual lifestyles and widespread participation in exercise means the popularity of active footwear isn’t going to dissipate.”

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Why Some Girls Look Better In Trainers

For some girls trainers are a natural thing to wear, something they love just as much as their opposite gender. However for others trainers are too ‘sporty’ for their look and have no place in their wardrobe. Trends often have a lot to say when it comes to what women wear, and this year they are more popular than ever!

5 Tips For Girls Who Want To Wear Trainers

Here we take a look at 5 ways you can style up your sneakers become one of your everyday essentials.

  1. Use them to dress down a posh skirt 

When you see trainers on the couture catwalks at the biggest labels such as Dior and Chanel, it’s a clear sign that wearing them with a fancy skirt or dress can work brilliantly and allowing you to spend the day walking much more comfortably. Choose a pair which match your clothing, and get ready to dance better than you ever have before!

vans old skool trainers

  1. Keep culottes going beyond summer

Culottes are knee length trousers designed for women, usually worn in summer with sandals. However if you are sad to be putting them away for the year, then think again. Culottes go brilliantly with a huge range of footwear, working best with Puma suedes or Vans old skool trainers.

  1. Make light work of a busy day

Running shoes can be a really practical choice for work if you spend a lot of time on your feet, if you work in a place where trainers are accepted. This doesn’t mean using your dirty gym trainers around the office, but a comfy pair of commuting trainers could be left on for the rest of the day, helping save your feet over the long term.

  1. Pair skate shoes with literally anything

A plain white skate shoe, like a pair of Vans old skool trainers, is among the most chic footwear options you can get. They are available in a huge variety of styles and colours, including slip-ons for extra ease. We recommend a nice looking leather pair, which works as the perfect partner for a midi skirt and your best winter coat.

vans old skool trainers

  1. Make your legs look longer

Many girls are put off from wearing trainers with skirts because they don’t like the thought of their ankles looking cut off. One solution for this is to choose Velcro trainers such as Nike’s popular Air Rift trainers which can go with many different options, especially if they are a neutral colour such as black or grey.

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At Scorpion Shoes we have a huge range of footwear including boots, trainers and sandals, plus hats, bags, belts and other accessories. From Chelsea boots to Vans old skool trainers, we’re confident you’ll find your ideal pair of footwear in one of our Camden stores, or through our website.

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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Skate Shoes

For skateboarders, finding the right shoes to suit your style and preferences is essential. Over the years their design has evolved considerably, with everything from vulcanised soles to airbag technology, padded to slimline uppers, hi’s to lo’s and all endorsed by big money pro skaters who get you to part with your hard earned cash. But do any of these…

How To Choose The Right Skate Shoes

Here we have a look at some insights from Neal Shoemaker, a senior shoe designer from Vans, to help you rethink a few things when it comes to choosing your next pair of skate shoes.

  1. Vulcanized vs. Cupsole

The soles are a very important to a good skate shoe as they are what provide grip on the board. Some companies such as Globe trainers have grown their reputation and popularity through their soles.

Neal says “it’s essentially just baking – a cupsole is like flash-frying something in a microwave, and a vulcanized sole is like baking a cake, almost. It all comes down to preference. Some kids want to skate cupsole because they think it will last longer and they want to jump down stuff. Other kids will jump down bigger things and wear vulc. It’s all about what you want to feel under your foot.”

globe trainers

  1. The Real Differences Between Rubbers

Development times can vary greatly between manufacturers, with each spending a different amount of time and effort on each part of their next design. Most are constantly tinkering with their compounds, however many skate shoe brands share factories resulting in very similar rubbers.

“It’s a lot easier from a production standpoint to stick with one formula and do it across everything. Every time they have to switch their process, it slows down production. In those cases, it really comes down to the design in the tread pattern, the sidewall pipes that improve flex or feel, even the way you design the mold and how they relate to the actual thickness of the sole.” Says Neal.

  1. Why Skate Shoes Have Got Slimmer

Original skate shoes from the 90’s and 2000’s such as the original Globe trainers were big and puffy, giving teenagers a way to stand out from the rest of society. However as the fashion of the times changed, their styles became slimmer and began conforming to more standard trainer designs.

“As trends changed, things started to slim down and become more normal—it was a real trend shift. Even now, it goes back to just preference. Everyone is influenced by the overall trend of wearing classic styles—simple, iconic designs. You see them being worn around the world. Skateboarders aren’t immune to those huge cultural trends that you see everywhere.” Says Neal.

  1. Hightops vs. Lowtops

This is more of a personal choice, based on what you feel most comfortable in. Some skateboarders prefer high tops as it gives them slightly more protection on their ankles. To make this effective you will need a very tall high top which can act like a leg brace.

Neal says “a lot of people will wear an ankle brace, even with a hightop. A hightop will protect your ankles from shark bites, though—when a board shoots out and hits your ankle. It’s also about how you wear your pants, your socks, and how you want everything to actually look.”


  1. What Design Means for Balance

“There’s different heights that companies use. Vans on the flatter side, as far as the heel-to-toe position. It’s called the pitch – the difference between the height of the toe and height of the heel. If you think of a traditional running shoe, not any of the new barefoot running trends, usually that heel-to-toe ratio is a lot bigger.” Says Neal.

It’s important to try out a range of different designs as each one is suited to a different style. Finding the right amount of pitch you like will help this. Once you have established a design which is right for you, there’s a good chance you will stick with it for many years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new!

  1. The Tongue Debate

This is another decision which comes down to preference and how much you want you would like your skate shoes to have the iconic skate shoe look. Some people choose the fat tongues for nostalgic reasons, whereas others prefer the natural fit which comes with a smaller tongue.

Neal says “when you have extra foam on the top of your foot, it’s really not doing much or affecting durability, as you’re not having much contact with the griptape, and it has no impact on cushioning a landing. Depending on how tight you tie your laces, it might take a little pressure off your laces due to the cushioning the foam is offering. Honestly, I think all of that is aesthetics.”

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At Scorpion Shoes we offer a diverse range of footwear including the latest skate shoes from brands including Vans, Etnies, Nike and Globe trainers. We also stock a huge selection of boots, sandals and other types of shoe for both women and men and a variety of styles and colours.

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Fallen For The Wedge Trainer? Rock The Look With Ash

Founded in 2000, Ash are known for their glamorous and, dare we say it, rebellious footwear designs. Their original and fearless range of platform and wedge trainers caught the attention of many in the fashion world, and though not to everybody’s liking, they’re certainly making women all over the globe rethink wedge trainers (or, as they’re known in the US, ‘sneels’, which is short for sneakers with heels!). So have you discovered Ash trainers yet? Find out more about Ash below, plus we’ve also put together a helpful fashion guide on how to wear wedge trainers!

Walking Tall With Ash Trainers

Whilst the sound of wedge trainers might not automatically make you want to hit the shops right away, there’s more to wedge trainers (by Ash in particular) than you might think. Ash trainers often make their wedges fairly discreet, so if you love the idea of a little more height, but want a comfortable and alternative to heels, soft, perfectly fitting trainers with a manageable wedge are fantastic!


They’re also perfect for when heels are way too over the top for daytime, and you need a more casual-chic option for roaming the city. That’s not to say you’ll go unnoticed though, since Ash’s urban metallic and independent concoctions ensure that you’ll stand out in a crowd. If the subtler look is more you however, then opt for simpler, buckleless wedges in a practical, no-nonsense shade (ideal for those who are prone to running late!).

How To Wear Wedge Trainers

  1. Simplicity is key – Since Ash trainers offer statement designs, tone down your outfit and let your footwear do the talking. Stay clear of fussy, detailed tops and instead go for block colours and uncomplicated shapes. Pairing ankle skimming skinny jeans with your favourite white shirt will always work well!
  1. Choose fitted items – If you’re opting for chunkier wedge trainers, a great tip to balance out your figure is to opt for clothes that hug your body.
  1. Go easy with the sporty gear – Since their design is part inspired by sporty footwear, wearing baggy sports pants and a tee might make you look like you’re popping to the gym (though they’re probably not the most appropriate footwear for this)! Instead, try a more tailored shirt with a classic blazer.

Shop Wedge Trainers By Ash Today!

Our collection of stylish trainers for women are ideal for every cosmopolitan city girl on the go! Offering iconic design and fantastic quality, you’ll be prepared for anything in a pair of these women’s trainers! Shop for a pair online today or simply visit us at one of our Camden stores where our friendly staff will be on hand to help.

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What A Man’s Shoes Say About His Personality

A man’s shoes are one of the most important parts of clothing he wears. Many people believe that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes, and who are we to disagree! The type, style and condition of shoes can give a lot away about your personality, whether you’re wearing ultra-shiny loafers, rugged boots or Vans old skool trainers.

It has been said many times that women are much more likely to judge a man by his shoes than a man is with a woman shoes, meaning if you’ve never cared, then it could be time to step up your game. Here we take a look at some of the most popular shoes and trainers worn and what they say about you:

  • Desert Boots – Despite being one of the oldest types of shoe you will see, they are actually very trendy at the moment thanks to their perfect smart/casual balance. Their understated look allows them to go perfectly with a huge variety of clothes in your wardrobe, showing that you pay attention to the details but are not too flashy.
  • Vans – These are relatively low maintenance trainers which have remained on trend for many years with new styles and materials being released each year, including the popular leather and suede designs. Vans old skool trainers are most likely to make you look like someone who is relatively easy going and are much more comfortable with a casual look.
  • Moccasins – This is a type of shoe which shows you have class, but is also likely to show you as a more high maintenance person. The very smooth leather and suede material used for the shoe do require a sizable amount to maintain and care for.
  • Black Dress Shoes – Smart shoes show off serious sophistication and are most likely to be worn with a suit or similarly formal dress. They show a certain level of respect and intelligence, which will hopefully rub off on those who wear them.
  • Flip-flops – If worn anywhere other than the beach or around the pool, then they usually show that the user is fairly laid back and not too concerned with what the rest of the world thinks about their style choices.
  • Timberland Boots – These give off the look of a rough and rugged man, even if he has never been anywhere near a hiking trek. These have been in fashion for quite a few years despite never really changing their appearance.
  • Boat Shoes – These used to be the preserve of the traditional man, however have become really fashionable summer shoes in recent years. They are traditionally associated with sailing and boats, hence the name, although now show that you care about your appearance.
  • High Top Trainers – These used to be the indication of someone who was particularly sport in nature, although they have slowly become more acceptable in fashion recently with some of the more high end brands creating their own range of high top trainers.


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Game, Set, Match. Wimbledon 2015


It’s Wimbledon time! And as such, our mind are on classic white tennis shoes.
I don’t mean the high tech trainers that Andy Murray and co will be wearing
for the next fortnight, but the traditional plimsoll-styles more akin to our other
great British tennis hero, Fred Perry.

The all white monochromatic look has taken over this season and Wimbledon gives us a great
reason to rock this sports luxe style. This trend has us all loving some clean cut classics like
the Adidas Stan Smiths, Lacoste and Nike.

Here some of our favourite styles:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.45.14

Lacoste Europa

 Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.54.39

Adidas Racer Lite

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.56.53

Nike Air Max Thea Jacquard

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.00.57

Fred Perry Turner Heavy