How To Look Professional At Work Without Looking Boring

Dressing for work is something which can be stressful, if you let it be. Finding a way to look smart and professional without looking boring can seem difficult to some, but in fact can be done very easily after some simple considerations. Workplace attire obviously varies considerably between different companies and can even vary between teams within the same business.

Adding personality to your work clothes doesn’t mean being radical and wearing flip flops into the office in December or any other inappropriate clothing which could get you some funny looks. Here we will look at how you can maintain a professional look in your job, broken down into each of the most common workplaces:

For A Casual Workplace

If you work in a relatively casual environment, then you have a decent amount of choice and flexibility. This can be the best situation for some and the worst for others, depending on how much you enjoy choosing your clothes for the day.

If jeans are accepted then choose a dark wash pair which fit you well, along with casual jumpers and some stylish yet understated footwear such as chukka or Barbour boots. Keep accessories to a minimum, with a small amount of jewellery such as a watch or bracelet.

Barbour Boots

For A Creative Workplace

A creative workplace also offers considerable flexibility when it comes to choosing your workwear, although it may vary depending on the type of creative business you are working for. Tech companies are more similar to the casual workplace mentioned above, however if it is a more artistic based company then you may choose a style which is slightly more outlandish.

A good look to try is simple t-shirts combined with tailored trousers and some cool Nike or Adidas trainers which feature colours which aren’t too bold. Stick to neutral or pastel based colours, as nobody likes staring at luminous footwear while their trying to concentrate! If you are struggling to decide your best option, then take a look at what your co-workers and superiors are wearing to help you choose.

Barbour Boots

For A Formal Workplace

High quality, stylish choices are a must if you work in a conservative workplace where the dress standards are high. It’s fine to stick with classic tailored pieces, but add in your own touches to set you apart from the rest. Experiment with clothing which is a bit different, such as double breasted suits, oversized bow ties, blazers in bold colours or patterns and slim-fitting dark-coloured suits.

For footwear, it is worthwhile finding a pair which will last you more than just a couple of months. This could be a nice pair of black or tan coloured Ted Baker shoes, or some classic Bass Larkin loafers in black or wine colours.

Barbour Boots

A Few Workwear Don’ts

  • Don’t get caught up in a trend – What is the big trend today could be a source of ridicule tomorrow. Focus on pieces which suit your style rather than adopting someone else’s, as otherwise you will end up with a clothes collection which doesn’t go together easily.
  • Don’t assume that off the hook means ready to wear – Choosing off the hook is perfectly fine, just make sure you choose items which will fit and last you for more than a couple of weeks. If you wear suits then there is no comparison with one which has been tailored to you.
  • Don’t try to match everything – Trying to match everything together can make it seem like your trying too hard and make your look feel older than it is. Try mixing different colours and patterns which you haven’t tried before and remember the ones which suit you best.
  • Don’t select quantity over quality – Invest in clothing which will last through the seasons without looking old and tired. Good quality clothes will last you for much longer and stay trendy over time, particularly with winter coats and formal shoes.

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