London Fashion Week Do’s and Don’ts

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With London Fashion Week  just around the corner we have compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for this major yearly event:

Firstly, don’t wear black. You can wear black all year, you can wear black all winter but just for this one day make sure you stand out. We know black is convenient, easy and flattering but when it comes to shoes, colour is what you need to go for!
So, DO wear colour. We have a huge variety of coloured shoes in stock starting with Irregular Choice. Do take photos of your outfit but don’t overhaul your Snapchat and Instagram with thousands of photos from runway shows and celebrity sightings.

Don’t rush around and complain. We are all in the same boat as each other so whining is not going to help. Be polite and prepare. Check the show times and how long it will take you to get there. There is nothing worse than leaving your house and trying to TFL directions on the way or your UBER is taking a while to get to you.

Don’t PANIC! Remember, you are there to absorb the new upcoming fashion trends so ENJOY yourself. Consider yourself the lucky few that have been invited or made it there! So, don’t forget to talk about it. Tweet, blog and join in on the conversation. Choose a favourite look from the show and tell us. Not everyone will have the privilege of going so as envious as we may be; we all want to hear about it.

Do check the weather. Living in London, we have a trend of an unpredictable climate so don’t get caught in the rain (LOL). Do get your picture taken but don’t hang around waiting for photographers to take a photo of you.

Whatever look you are going for we have a huge selection of styles to choose from. Have fun!

Words by Florinda Ceri


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