Rihanna Style Steal

We all know Rihanna always rocks the best trainers. Her style is sassy, on point and with the right attitude. As her career has grown, her fashion has flourished and she is idolised by millions of people all around the World.

Love it or hate it, she has collaborated with several successful brands known worldwide. From the upscale Dior to high street brand River Island, Puma to Stance, Rihanna has had her fair share of fashion influence.

In this post we have chosen our favourite Rihanna looks and we’re here to help you imitate her flashy, fierce style.



Pictured above, Rihanna is seen wearing high top Adidas. You can steal this look with the Adidas Stan Smith Mid trainers. As seen on Rihanna, these can be worn with almost anything. From jeans to skirts, shorts to your favourite track suits, these white/green colourway trainers are a perfect add on to your wardrobe.

To compliment this look we have also chosen the Adidas Superstar trainers. Although these are not high tops, they imitate the Adidas stripes and are a timeless classic.


Adidas Stan Smith Mid Unisex Trainer in Green/White



Adidas Superstar Unisex Trainers in White/Black





Here, Rihanna is the epitome of sassy. Her edgy hair cut and leather trousers are a flattering look along with her trainers. Taking inspiration from the bold logo on her suede shoes as well as the creeper sole, we have chosen our Nike Air Force 1 Upstep. If you prefer colour as Rihanna has, you will love our Light Green Air Force 1’s. We believe mint green and pastel green is always a fashion forte.


Nike Air Force 1 Upstep SE Women’s trainers in Black/Black


Nike Air Force 1 07 Women’s Trainers in Light Green





Damn, Rihanna back at it again with the Vans. If you have seen the internet sensation “Damn, Daniel” you will know what we’re referring to and we love Vans. Here, Rihanna is pictured “Running this town” with “all black, everything.” Sporting a cool Varsity bomber and the lace-up Vans, Rihanna is a vision of American style.  Steal this look with our choice of the Authentic Ladies Vans. This classic shoe is a signature piece in any wardrobe.


Vans Authentic Ladies Lace Trainers in Black/White


Vans Classic Slip-on Unisex in Black/White

New Balance


Just when we thought she couldn’t be any more unique she brings out her New Balance sneakers. Selecting black and beige tonal colours for a more casual outfit, Rihanna has opted for a pair of New Balance trainers. Here, we have chosen the WL574 and WL565 styles to match Rihanna’s look. The WL565 shoe, sports an athletic style with breathable textiles and lightweight ventilation.


New Balance WL574 Women’s Trainers in Silver



New Balance WL565 Women’s Trainers in Grey/Pink


Whichever Rihanna look is your favourite, there is always a distinctive touch to each appearance making this relatable to so many of us.


Words by Florinda Ceri



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