A collaboration between Acer UK and Central Saint Martins fashion designer
Christian Cowan-Sanluis has made it easier to take a selfie as they recently
launched the world’s first selfie-hat.

The hat spins 360-degrees and has an integrated tablet,
which is supposed to help struggling selfie takers find their very best angle.
Cowan-Sanluis, who has already created outfits for Lady Gaga and Rita Ora,
made the hat sparkly pink just as his A/W 2014 collection.
Taking a selfie has never looked better.







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The integrated branding agency Ragged Edge has created the
The World’s Most Intimate Martini Bar, hidden inside a beautifully restored Citroen van.
As part of an integrated campaign for Grey Goose vodka, the agency will launch the
‘Boulangerie François camionnette’ across a number of cities throughout the UK this year.
Housing just two guests and a mixologist, the luxuriously appointed bar is designed to bring
the brand’s intrinsic story to life though a private cocktail consultation where guests receive
a bespoke Grey Goose Martini tailored to their taste.








the-camionette-grey-goose-10-600x375 the-camionette-grey-goose-12-600x375

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The Northgate collection by Fred Perry

Untitled-2Named after a street in Fred Perry’s native Stockport, the Northgate is a boot built
from the essence of British winters past. Design takes root in military references, with a high-grip commando
sole based on the standard issue combat boots adopted by mods and skinheads in the 60s.
Diamond-stitched quilted canvas, horse hair-embossed leather panels and Harris tweed inverweave in tribute
to heritage ourdoor dressing, while long wing brogue detail gives a crafted, hand-tooled finish.
A boot for braving the elements.

B5224_102_2                Northgate Leather Boot

fred perry x harris                Northgate Harris Tweed & Leather BootB5224_158_2                Northgate Leather Boot

B5225_102_2                Northgate Quilted Boot

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Fancy a Mojito?

For quite some time now we have stocked the amazing Mojito shoe by architect designer, Julian Hakes, and now we have two new amazing colours, Beige and Hot Pink & Fuchsia.


Here’s where the idea for the Mojito design came from:

“One late summer night I was in the studio, thinking about the design of shoes in general. I wondered why there was the need for
a foot plate in high heels.When I look at a foot print in the sand it was clear to me that the main force goes to the heel and ball, even more so in a heeled shoe.

If you were to stand with your heel on a wooden block the foot naturally spans the gap to the floor. If the foot has its own inbuilt strength and support why duplicate this?
You would not have a shirt with rigid arms between the elbows and the wrists.

So this raised the question: if the early design of a shoe was an evolution of the humble sandal was this process limited by the materials and technology available? How can new materials and design techniques lead to a new solution, an evolution, possibly a revolution?

So I began exploring these questions in a similar way to how I would design a building or a bridge; examining the load path and looking at the most simple, elegant yet poetic expression of the forces at play within the materials used.

The resulting form was rather like a twist of lime peel and so I named it the ‘Mojito’.
The Mojito is a unique shoe design. It is a single wrapped geometry which starts under the ball of the foot, sweeps over the bridge, then down below the heel before twisting back on itself to provide the support for the heel”.

– Julian Hakes

The Stars Design Shoes for Charity

Upper Street, the shoe label that create made-to-order shoes has teamed up with the charity Save The Children for the Born to Walk campaign which has collaborated with the British Fashion Council. Many celebrities have got on board with the campaign and have been designing shoes inspired by their childhood dreams and memories. Some of these celebrities include Hayley Atwell, Helena Bonham Carter, Tasmin Eggerton and Erin O’Connor and they have come out with some stunning results.


Ever Heard of Vegan Shoes? Arden Wohl’s New Collection…

Almost two years ago footwear designer, Arden Wohl, gave up leather forever! Arden Wohl has designed an entire collection of Vegan Shoes, made from non-toxic polyurethane, and they are beautiful! She has pals such as Natalie Portman and Anne Hathaway pre-ordering from her new collection, after recently becoming non-leather converts themselves. Wohl’s designs are intricate and thoroughly thought out with one of the more stand out designs being inspired by Gustav Klimt’s portrait of Lady Adele Bloch-Bauer.