Ever heard of Stance?

The American brand which has stamped their place in the fashion market creates outstanding underwear and socks. Founded in 2009, the brands mission was to address a category in fashion which they felt has been forgotten by many major labels and brands.

Their unique taste which reflects their appreciation for fun and exciting designs have teamed up with Rihanna for her latest collaboration with Stance.

The collection we are currently stocking boasts of pastel colours and infectious patterns. We love the tip-toe style which has an open-toe fit perfect for killer peep-toe heels.


The anklet cut styles are ideal for ankle boots as well as low top shoes as the self-adjusting cuff prevents the sock spillage. Although they are stylish the socks are created for durability and comfort.


This luxurious item is sure to make a statement with whatever shoes and outfit you choose to wear. Rihanna has definitely marked her character on these gorgeous pieces.

Alongside RiRi’s exclusive collection we also stock more Stance styles on our website. Be sure to take a look at our Men’s Stance collection which will ooze quirkiness to your wardrobe!

Words by Florinda Ceri