A collaboration between Acer UK and Central Saint Martins fashion designer
Christian Cowan-Sanluis has made it easier to take a selfie as they recently
launched the world’s first selfie-hat.

The hat spins 360-degrees and has an integrated tablet,
which is supposed to help struggling selfie takers find their very best angle.
Cowan-Sanluis, who has already created outfits for Lady Gaga and Rita Ora,
made the hat sparkly pink just as his A/W 2014 collection.
Taking a selfie has never looked better.







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Tie one on: ‘Back to the Future’

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Nike designer Tinker Hatfield declared earlier this year that he expects self-lacing shoes like those seen in “Back to the Future: Part II” to
become reality by 2015, which also happens to be the future year the
time-travelingMichael J. Fox flick is set in. It looks like a Kickstarter project has gotten a jump on Nike by introducing Powerlace, an auto-lacing shoe technology.

The new Powerlace auto-lacing system is the most effective means of tying shoelaces the hands-free way.
The mere insertion of the foot automatically engages the lacing system’s mechanism.
The activation of the small lever found at the lower rear end of the shoe unlocks the power system. It’s really that simple! The total energy required for
the lacing system’s mechanism is provided for by the weight of one’s body.The Powerlace shoe has been extensively tested in laboratories and has been subject to
the wear and tear conditions when in actual use. The easy and adjustable tension design system guarantees the best fit, the best comfort, every time!

It’s not like auto-lacing shoes are a necessity for living, but they do have an undeniable cool factor based on the cachet of Marty McFly’s Air Mags.