Swinging London (one more time)


Last week we hooked up with our friend Johanna Payton who runs a fantastic blog highlighting 60’s fashion. She took a pair of Fred Perry Phoenix from us and wrote an awesome article where she demonstrates the endless possibilities of mixing contemporary sneakers and vintage clothing. You can read the full article and check more pictures on her blog, which we truly recommend to everyone interested in vintage clothing and 60’s culture. Also, thanks to Eliott Swan for his photography skills!


Johanna Payton fashion blogger vintage


Johanna Payton in Fred Perry trainers



by Marcos F Gallego

White One Sugar Showcase

The wonderful contemporary poster art company, White One Sugar, are now showcasing their amazing work in our Camden High Street store. 

Their work is inspired by railway companies that used artists to produce works of art, in the mid 20th century, for their advertising posters. The designs varied between illustrators, companies and the period in which they were created. White One Sugar’s modern images also have different styles, some being a copy of what is in the location and others bringing landmarks together in one picture. 

Don’t forget to visit our store to check it out whilst they are showcasing throughout December!


We are loving the GREEN!

Adidas have created these beautiful ZX 700 W trainers for women in such a stunning turquoise green. This shoe is a twist on the Adidas Originals ZX 700 W runner’s 80s style. These trainers were introduced as a high-mileage, bio-mechanically correct trail and road-running shoe. The outsole was made for performances on a variety of surfaces, subtle reflective prints pop up when hit by light, plus adidas’ ZX 700 was equipped with revolutionary Soft Cell and Torsion technology.