The Rise Of Trainers In The Fashion World

Over the last few years trainers have been having their moment in the female fashion world, after what appeared to be a brief romance turned into something much bigger. It started back in 2010, when a series of famous models began wearing trainers, including Kate Moss and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Trainers In Women’s Fashion

The growth of trends around sportswear and more casual forms of fashion have helped contribute to the rise in popularity of trainers, according to fashion data analytics company Editd. Their data shows that the trend has continued in the last two years, with demand growing from 1,203 in January 2013 to 3,003 in January 2015.

Commenting on the results, Katie Smith, senior retail analyst at Editd says: “levels of new sneakers on the UK womenswear’s footwear market first spiked in July 2013, during spring summer 2013. It was that season that Ashish put Reebok Classics on their catwalk and when Moschino Cheap and Chic included trainers in their show.”

There is a danger that wearing trainers can make you look like a teenager, however there are plenty of ways you can work them into an adult wardrobe. The most important rules are to stick to classic designs and in simple colours which work well with most of the clothes you own.

This means sticking to relatively neutral and pastel based colours, unless you have a specific outfit which requires trainers that are slightly bolder. White is often the most popular colour for women, as they are the most flexible in terms of what they can be worn with. The brands which have managed to capitalise on the rise of trainers includes Lanvin, Jimmy Choo and Tommy Hilfiger, alongside sportswear brands such as Nike, Adidas and Converse.

ash trainers

According to the data, more than 16,000 black trainers are currently retailing in the online women’s trainers market in the UK, making up 25% of the market. Neutral trainers make up 23% of the share, while grey accounts for 20%. There have also been a number of women’s only brands gaining popularity including Ash trainers, which are going from strength to strength.


What has surprised many fashion experts is how the trend has been led by many of the higher class stores, with a higher proportion of styles available at shops such as Selfridges when compared with high street stores such as Topshop. “It’s interesting to see the luxury retailers giving the trainer trend a higher level of backing than Topshop do,” says Smith.

Many now wonder how long the trend will last or whether it will stay around forever. According to Smith, the demand for fashionable trainers is not expected to disappear anytime soon. “Casual lifestyles and widespread participation in exercise means the popularity of active footwear isn’t going to dissipate.”

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