The UK’s First Breakfast Cereal Cafe

The UK’s first cereal cafe opens tomorrow.

Inside are 120 colourful boxes of breakfast — from classics like Cornflakes and Coco Pops,
to American favourites such as Lucky Charms.
They can be covered in 12 different types of milk, and topped with Malteasers, Oreos, or other things
made of sugar and chocolate. Cereal Killer Cafe, in Shoreditch, London,
is the idea of Gary and Alan Keery.
They’re twins from Belfast who made waves when they launched a crowdfunding
webpage to see their vision realised.
Now it has been. And it’s much more than a few bowls of Rice Krispies,
Gary explains to Business Insider — but an entire brand.
To fully transport customers back to their childhoods, the café will be decked out with hundreds
of pieces of cereal memorabilia from the 80s and 90s, as well as
vintage TVs playing old cartoons.
Small bowls will set you back £2.50, medium bowls come in at £3.00 and
the largest option will sell for £3.50.
For the non-cereal aficionados, the café will also provide locally produced coffee,
as well as toast, pop tarts, and other breakfast staples.




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